About mxport.com (MX - Market eXpert)

New tool (and method) of analysis.

MX offers additional opportunities for analyzing global conditions and situations, as well as analyzing markets that are dependent on these global conditions. Using this tool can significantly improve the quality of analysis and forecasting, helping to reduce risks, both in the management of the company and in the process of trading - ensuring profit growth.

All analytical planes are presented both in the current mode (1 day) and historical ones with ranges: 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years.

Level ( I )

is intended for the choice of strategy and general tactical decisions. Used primarily by senior executives, business owners and analysts. This level of analysis allows you to determine the level of public interest in certain global events that affect politics, economics, markets and the choice of investment direction.

Level ( II )

is very popular as a permanent wall guide (on the monitor) of executives, TOP managers of trading houses, directors of consulting agencies, analysts and traders. This level of analysis helps determine the direction and level of general intention to invest money.

Market level ( BTC, ETH, GOLD )

is designed to analyze the market situation, guided by the global intention to buy / sell a specific "product" and use your own conclusions to make decisions (market analysis, consulting, trading, company management).

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Modern market

Examining various methods of market analysis used for trading, we came to the conclusion that there are no instruments that guarantee a positive result. Therefore, to improve the quality of the forecast, several methods of analysis are needed. If the methods are chosen correctly and they all point in the same direction, then with a reasonable betting strategy, this significantly increases the chances of a successful trading. Nevertheless, an experienced trader understands that the chance to make money is on average 75% (if there is a threat of lost, at least 25%).

The popularity of trading is growing very quickly, but most of the new traders are amateurs who losing their first deposit. They despair, leave and never return, which negatively affects the process of development of markets.

How to increase the number of successful traders?

Another question immediately arises: What will happen if the number of successful traders grows? - This will lead to an increase in market turnover, which is very positive. However, the available methods of analysis are clearly not enough for the mass popularization of trading.

An favorable environment must be created for a more predictable market to form.

Considering the fundamentals - any market is regulated by intention: “we” show intent and -> buy -> the market reacts with a rise in price. The opposite causes the price to fall when "we" show intent and -> sell -> the price falls. The conclusion is simple: Having information about a specific global intention "we" can look into the future and use this for successful trading.

What will it lead to?

  • Increased chances of success in the trading process;
  • Increasing the attractiveness of trading as a means of income;
  • Partial redistribution of funds and attraction of third-party assets;
  • Market volume growth and corresponding profit growth;
  • Socio-psychological impact on market coordination;
  • Positive changes in the state of the market and economic growth (to some extent).

It looks really attractive, but ...

How to determine the direction of the global intention?

Intention is the beginning of an action that arises from a decision. Interest, desire, professional activity - all this can be the reason for the decision to act and will lead to the realization of the intention. In any case, "we" will use the Internet, being active on specialized resources, in social networks, we will use search engines. These actions qualify as "interest" and, with some probability, will cause intention. In general statistical mass: The higher the rate of the number of requests on a specific interest, the more people has shown their intent. This is natural, logical, and a well-known fact.

It is convenient to view statistical data in the form of graphs in same plane, for example:

1. general intention to invest [blue];

2. invest to gold [green];

3. invest in real estate [red];

4. invest to cryptocurrency [yellow].

Fig. 1

To the question: Which way are investors looking? - now there is an answer - Most likely towards the cryptocurrency market (for example). In Fig. 1 priorities for a month (December 2020). By the way, the graphs of the First (I) and Second (II) analysis groups are already gaining popularity among the heads of large companies as a necessary wall attribute.

Here we once again focus on the fact that the intention to act is expressed before the action itself and this must always be remembered, regardless of what you see on the chart. To use the system, we recommend that you carefully study the instructions.

Narrowly targeted usage

In terms of a separate market and a specific "product", the usage of the system is reduced to the analysis of the following indicators in same plane:

1. "product" price chart [blue];

2. general intention to invest [yellow];

3. buy "product" [green];

4. sell "product" [red].

An example in the cryptocurrency market (BTC / USD) looks like this:

Fig. 2

In Fig. 2 it is shown a chart in the BTC/USD plane for the week of December 23-30, 2020. Therefore, all intentions in this environment are expressed in relation to the Bitcoin's price.

For a more detailed exploration of MX analysis methods and tools, we strongly recommend that you read the "instructions section" before you start using it. However, in any case, you will be working with a subjective approach to analysis. If you find interesting facts and methods, we will be grateful if you share your experience with us.

* * *

The Internet has a huge impact on the development of mankind. The modern technical level of communications provides the ability to exchange data sufficient for the direct impact of the state of society and attitudes towards various aspects on global politics and economy. This integration cannot be avoided and in the very near future, any market will have a direct dependence on the social environment showing an active interest in each specific aspect (product / service). The methods associated with this process, necessary for its control and management, are qualified as socio-economic technologies. We designated the level of displayed intentions in each active environment as IL - Intention Level. IL related to a specific position is measured in the price of a product / service in a single plane with which it has influence as one of the main factors in price formation.

It is interesting for us to develop in this direction. As we expand the opportunities for economic interaction and market management, we will continue to explore this project.

The project provides for free use, but if you like our ideas, you can support the project in the amount that seems adequate to you - in relation to the growth of your company's efficiency, provided through the usage of tools and methods of MX analysis. We are grateful to you for any support. Thank you.